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Grandparent’s Day Bingo


Students had a fun time at Grandparent’s Day Bingo.  Here are a few snapshots of the action:

IMG_3470 IMG_3467 IMG_3465 IMG_3461 IMG_3460 IMG_3458 IMG_3456 IMG_3455 IMG_3454 IMG_3452

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Many of you are asking for the tumblebooks username and password.  This can be found by hovering over the link.

The username is: southreeds

Password is: books

Hope this helps!

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Making Slime!


To kick off our new writing unit of study, we followed the directions in the How to Make Slime book.  We had fun making and exploring the slime!

20151013_123842 20151013_122758 20151013_122929 20151013_122937 20151013_122946 20151013_123750 20151013_123812 20151013_123842 20151013_123801

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Field Trips


A note about field trips.  After our field trip to the Hartje center on October 8, we only have two more field trips for the rest of first grade.  I’m sure it seems like we go on a lot of field trips!  This year, our theater field trip was early.  We will be snowshoeing in the winter and will have another outdoor adventure in the spring.  Thank you to those who volunteered at the apple orchard.

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Oakwood Fruit Farm


We had a wonderful time exploring and touring Oakwood Fruit Farm.  The weather was ideal!  Children learned how apples are picked and packaged to be sold.  We also got to taste grapes and look at apple trees.  Students had apple cider donuts and apple cider for snack when we returned!  Pictures coming soon!

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I am excited to begin a new year with a new group of first graders.  We will get right to work!  Please visit this site often to find out happenings in our first grade classroom.  The pages at the top will give you a brief overview of what we are doing in various subject areas.

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