Students have been busy completing their first series of realistic fiction books!

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Nutrition Education in the Classroom

Meghan Knudsen visited our classroom on Wednesday, March 4.  She is the youth nutrition educator from the Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program, Sauk County.   Ms. Knudsen talked to students about the food groups using My Plate.  Students sorted foods into groups and learned the importance of eating from all of the food groups.  Ms. Knudsen will be coming again on March 11 and March 18.


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Valentine’s Day

We will have a Valentine’s day card exchange on Friday, February 13.  Your child should bring Valentine’s for his/her classmates.  Please bring a container to take home valentines in.  This could be a decorated bag, shoe box or another appropriate sized container.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school.  We will begin January with a quick review of classroom routines and procedures.  Miss Hennessy will be with our class until January 23.  We will begin semester assessments the week of January 12.  Students will also be taking the MAPs assessment January 14, 15, 16, and 20.  We will finish the first semester on January 23.

During writer’s workshop we will be writing opinion pieces.  We will begin by picking “Best in Show” pieces from our collection boxes and writing persuasive pieces to convince the audience of our picks.  Please remember to send collection boxes to school beginning January 5.

In math we will learn to collect data and make picture, bar and line graphs.  We will also learn to read the graphs and use data from graphs to answer questions.


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We are busy….

We have been busy learning lots of information in first grade.  Ms. Hennessy has taken over teaching this week.  She will be leading the students in all subject areas for the next four weeks.  I will be assisting as necessary.  It has been beneficial to have another full time teacher in the room!

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Apple Orchard

We had a great time at the apple orchard.  I thank all the volunteers for helping make this trip safe and successful!Apple Orchard 2014

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Classroom News

We are busy learning the classroom routines.  We are up to 16 minutes of reading stamina!  Our writing stamina is close behind!  Today we practiced reading to a partner.  Students coached their partners when they go stuck on words and also helped their partners check for understanding.

During writing we are practicing writing small moment stories.  We took a look at the checklist for kindergarten and first grade skills.  We will soon be getting writing partners to confer with during writer’s workshop.

In math we just finished up Chapter 2.  Chapter 2 was all about number bonds. Tomorrow we will begin learning strategies to add numbers to 10.


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The First Week of School

We had a productive and exciting first week of school!  We are learning classroom routines, the importance of building stamina and independence when reading to self, and have started our first chapter in math.  We have also taken three writing assessments!  Everyone is adjusting well to the rigor of first grade!  Students are eager to share comments and are active participants!  We will be starting our first Unit of Study in writing next week.

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Welcome to First Grade

Welcome!  I am excited to start a new school year! I have updated and posted our classroom schedule.  Please follow the link on the right to find it.  We will have gym on the first day of school.  Most of our specials this year will be right away in the morning at 8:30 am.  Students will need gym shoes for gym class.  If your child does not wear tennis shoes to school please have them keep a pair in their locker.  Students are expected to tie their own shoes in first grade.

School doors open at 7:45 am.  Breakfast will be free to all students.  Your child should go to the cafeteria to get their breakfast to bring to the classroom.  They should do this as soon as they arrive.  Please let me know if you do not wish for your child to get a breakfast.  My email address is jmeacham@rsd.k12.wi.us  Students will be bringing their breakfast to the classroom as soon as they arrive at school.  If your child is not eating breakfast, they are still welcome to come into the classroom at 7:45 am.

Your child will only need the following supplies at school this year:

1 (24 count) box of Crayola crayons

2 pocket folders of your choice

4 Expo dry erase markers

1 box of tissues

2 boxes of crackers (Graham Crackers, Teddy Grahams, Wheat Thins, Etc…)

Thank you!






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